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Gabrielle Tetreault

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A Certified Child Welfare Law Specialist
by the National Association of Counsel for Children

Gabrielle Tetreault, Esq., CWLS

Attorney at  Law


Child Welfare Law Specialist



Ray Tetreault, Investigator







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Our Mission

To serve the children and adults of San Joaquin County, by providing quality legal services to abused children and their families, the mentally ill, or those persons charged with a crime as an adult or juvenile. 

Company Profile 

My name is Gabrielle A. Tetreault.  I am a lawyer.  Although I have a significant business background, my first love is Criminal Defense.  I also do Juvenile Dependency and Juvenile Delinquency, Mental Health Law and Mediation Services.

I am the only "Certified Welfare Law Specialist" in San Joaquin county!  This certification is administered through the National Association of Counsel for Children "NACC".  As part of the NACC's commitment to improve the practice of juvenile law and establish juvenile law as a recognized legal specialty, the NACC certifies lawyers as Child Welfare Law Specialists. Certification as an NACC Child Welfare Law Specialist signifies that the attorney "possess an enhanced level of knowledge, skill, and experience in juvenile law." Child Welfare Law Certification is available to attorneys who represent children, parents and agencies in child abuse, neglect and dependency cases. It is modeled after physician board certification and requires that attorneys satisfy the following requirements: Substantial involvement in the practice of child welfare law for the three (3) years immediately preceding the application. Satisfactory continuing legal education credit in child welfare law. Acquisition of satisfactory peer reviews of your competence, including one (1) judge. Satisfactory writing sample. Passage of the NACC national child welfare law exam (and passage of a California state specific exam).

Juvenile Delinquency is an area of law that involves children who commit crimes.   

Juvenile Dependency is an area of law which involves children who are taken from their parents because of neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, or emotional abuse. I represent parents, children or relatives.  I adore working with the children and being a part of reunifying families that have been separated by unfortunate circumstance or solidifying new homes for children when reunification is not possible.  

In 2006, I began representing individuals being held in State Hospitals because the government believes that they are mentally ill and dangerous to themselves and others.   These are challenging cases and normally involve persons committed under the Sexually Violent Predator Law.   It is also a very misunderstood area of the law.

I write and argue criminal Appeals.  

I am a Certified Mediator, receiving a mediators certificate from the Civil Mediation Program Pepperdine University School of Law - Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution 42-hour Mediation Training Program in 2009.  I accept private and court appointed cases mandated under California Code Civil Procedure Section 1775. I mediate both limited and general jurisdiction cases.  Civil mediation is designed to provide parties involved in court litigation with an efficient, confidential, and effective process for resolving their dispute. By reaching their own agreement through mediation, the program allows parties to save substantial time and money and avoid the difficulties and uncertainty of a trial. Parties receive the first three hours of mediation free of charge.  I, along with other trained professionals, believe that mediation is an effective alternative to resolving disputes.  

Sliding Scale Fee Program

I provide mediation services to private parties. Any person involved in a dispute, whether it is in the litigation process or not, may use my mediation services. I charge an  hourly fee for these cases which is typically split between both parties. The mediation fees are set by a sliding scale which takes into account the parties income level.



I am an active Member of the California State Bar.   I belong to the San Joaquin County Bar Association and the California Public Defenders Association and the National Association of Counsel for Children and the San Joaquin County Connie Callahan Inns of Court.   In the past, I have been a member of the American Bar Association.  I also serve on the following San Joaquin Bar Association legal panels:  Juvenile Delinquency, Juvenile Dependency, Adult Criminal Misdemeanor and Minor Felonies and Sexually Violent  Predators.    Press this link to see My Resume.



I graduated law school in June of 1998, and began practicing in December of 1998.  I use the term law school loosely because in fact, I pretty much taught myself the law.  I attended a traditional law school for my first year of law school (Lincoln Law School, in San Jose, California), and then studied on my own thereafter through a self study program with (Northwestern California University, "NCU" Sacramento, California).   While studying the law (30 hours a week), I also worked a demanding job (60 hours per week) as a corporate executive.  Ultimately, I received both a Bachelor of Science and Juris Doctorate Degree from NCU.  So if you learn nothing else about me, know that I am a very focused and determined person.   I passed the bar the first time and now I try to help other law students by acting as a mentor to law students.   [See the Law Student Services section of this web site]  My clients are generally happy with the services that I perform because I take the time to know the law,  listen to the client's needs, understand the facts of their particular situation and shoot for the best possible resolution of their matter.


About Us

My office is small, just me, my husband (who keeps the books, does all the technical computer stuff and who performs factual investigations), an awesome legal assistant who keeps me organized and efficient and two volunteer interns struggling their way through Stanislaus University's social worker program!  What we lack in size, we make up in heart; God's Heart!


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